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Own A RuPay Card? Here’s A Chance To Know More About It

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Own A RuPay Card? Here's A Chance To Know More About It

RuPay cards now have different versions to cater to all categories of customers

Visibility of the RuPay card has gone up manifolds in recent times, however there does not seem to be much awareness about the benefits of such kind of a card and what exactly are its features.

So let’s find out more about that RuPay card which you have in your pockets and purses.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched RuPay Card payment system to offer a domestic, open-loop, multilateral system which allows all Indian banks and financial institutions in India to participate in electronic payments.

RuPay debit cards are issued under various Government schemes to provide banking facilities to specific segments of people.

In addition to this, to encourage issuance of RuPay card, account holders under Pradhan Mantri JanDhan Yojana (PMJDY) are provided with a free RuPay debit card, with an inbuilt accident insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh (which has been revised to Rs 2 lakh for PMJDY accounts opened after August 28, 2018).

Different versions of RuPay Cards

Government has launched RuPay Kisan Credit Card, Mudra Card and Pungrain cards to cater to specific needs of customers such as easy and timely credit for cultivation, credit for working capital and post-harvest grain procurement.

Classic, Platinum and Select variant of RuPay card are designed for different segment of customers.

RuPay has also been tied up with international network partners for providing world-class payment solutions to its customers. International alliances for RuPay card provide access for delivering value to customers globally and vice versa.

According to a circular issued by the Finance Ministry, any charge, including the merchant discount rate (MDR), shall not be applicable on or after January 1, 2020 on payment made through prescribed electronic modes i.e. RuPay debit card, BHIM-UPI and BHIM-UPI QR Code.

Till February 28, 2022, around  71 crore RuPay cards have been issued or subscribed, including around 31.45 crore RuPay debit cards issued to PMJDY account holders, official sources said.

Also the number of transactions undertaken through RuPay cards during 2021-22 (till February 2022), at ATMs and Point of Sale or e-commerce are 2,341.60 million and 1,383.21 million respectively.

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