You are currently viewing How to stop dying Gold fish, How to care Gold fish

How to stop dying Gold fish, How to care Gold fish

How to stop dying gold fish, How to care gold fish

Hello friends how are you hope you all are fine. Friends in today’s blog we discuss about “GoldFish“. Goldfish is the world’s most famous fish And also the best-selling fish. But the biggest problem with Goldfish is that if you do not take care of it properly, it dies very quickly.

But don’t you worry about that, In today’s blog, we will tell the all reasons for the death of goldfish and also how you will save them from these reasons. We will also give you information about how to take a goldfish aquarium and what things will be needed with it And also we will tell you the benefits of goldfish.

How to Stop Dying Goldfish?

Friends, today I will tell you such factors which will keep your Goldfish alive for 15-20 years. Friends  Never Put Gold Fish in the Bowl, Putting goldfish in a bowl is a crime, And keeping it alone in the bowl is a big crime. 

Friends goldfish is a very friendly fish, It needs friends and companions, they get bored if they’re alone. If they keep hanging out together and swimming together they will be happy. Goldfish like to live in groups. The goldfish sold in the bowls at shops is very sad to see.

Keep them in a good tank, It’s simple for a 2inch goldfish get a 2ft tank, Its a simple thing. In a 2ft x 1ft x 1ft tank, you can easily keep 2 or 4 goldfish. Friends if compare goldfish with another animal it’s like a cow. It keeps on eating and pooping. It makes the water very dirty. 

And if this waste was left in the water, ammonia would build up. Friends, most of us see in the shop’s tank water is yellowish or whitish, It’s because of Ammonia. So to keep the fish tank ammonia-free, Change the water of the fish tank on regular basis or Get a good filtration system. Friends if you don’t have enough time to fish tank water on a regular basis you need strong water purifier Friends here is a List of Some Good Water Filter for your fish tank.

1. Venus Aqua® Sobo Wp-208h Water Purifier Pump for Low Water Level.


Voltage: 110V-240V     Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 5W                     Flow: 500L/H

Size: 10cm*7cm*20cm


Material: Plastic

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ VENUS AQUA

2. Sobo WP-3990 Multifunction Submersible Pump


Voltage: 110V-240V     Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 5W                     Flow: 500L/H

Size: 13 x 10 x 16 

Weight: 549 grm

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ ZAMAN AQUARIST

Power Source: Corded Electric

3. Foodie Puppies SOBO Aquarium Top Filter WP-880F with Free Key Ring



Voltage: 110V-240V     Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 5W                     Flow: 500L/H

Size: 30.8 x 10.8 x 8.8 cm

Weight: 600 grm

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ SOBO

Safe & Rely Quiet Operation, Keep Water Clear, Absorbs Dirt

Power Source: Corded Electric

Friends this is a list of some good water purifiers, You can buy these for your fish tank and if you want to have some more list of water purifiers, you can message us, we will make a dedicated blog on it. Friends good water purifier is very important because the waste can be removed. Mostly we suggest keeping goldfish in an empty tank.

And if you are putting sand and stones in the tank for decoration, you will have to wash them every week. And friends it is necessary to have very good bio-media in the filter. Bio-media colonizes bacteria and helps reduce ammonia caused by waste produced by goldfish. Bacteria Colonization is a key to maintaining a goldfish Aquarium.

Clean Water = Healthy Fish = Long Life



Next Food

Use good quality food. Please don’t buy a 10 or 50 Rs packet, it doesn’t have any nutrition for the goldfish. Due to these packets, the stomach of the fish swells, and the fish dies. Always use high-Quality food. Good quality Branded food is specially made for goldfish. I suggest you one food for your goldfish, you can also take this food if you want. It is safe for Goldfish

Hikari Oranda Gold Floating Fish Food (Mini), 300 g

  • Made of high quality of pure titanium
  • Suitable for up to 400 litter marine or freshwater system
  • Good effect of heat transfer, of great corruption-proof and air proof ability
  • External temperature controller
  • Power cable length 160cm long
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ INDUS MARKETING, Indus Marketing, Plot No-44/45,15 Spring Field Park, Lullanagar, MAHARASHTRA-411001 : +91 9881879392

Good Food = Healty Fish = Long Life

Friends feed goldfish only 2-3 times a day, Don’t give them too much food at once, And put them enough food that can be eaten in 1 or 2 min. Don’t put so much food. Friends goldfish is very friendly if you go near her. They all come rushing closer. Yes, but it doesn’t mean she is hungry it means she is friendly. So don’t feed them again and again. Feed them in the morning, evening, and at night only.

Goldfish is mostly vegetarian, They mostly eat green peas, spinach, and cucumber. Blanch the spinach lightly and then feed it to them, they’ll eat it. They’ll eat shrimps too if they’re small enough and fits in their mouth. Goldfish are like vegetarian food more.

Friends, when you purchase goldfish from the shop, it is necessary to quarantine them. You put salt in water first so that the stomach of the fish can be cleaned, you can also use normal salt of home for this. Do not put food as soon as you bring it, first clean the stomach of goldfish. Don’t feed them for 2 days.

Keep them hungry so that their stomach can be cleaned properly and their life can be increased. In goldfishes, white spots, ich and fin rot is seen mostly. Friends raise the temperature of fish tank is up to 28 degree celsius and Add some local medicine in water, which also available in local medical shops.


Friends, there is much variety of goldfishes available in the market like Black moore, Red Cap, Oranda, Runcho, Ruikin, Comet, lion-head. Friends all these are man-made creations. And all of them are very beautiful. Friends don’t keep goldfish with fast fishes, Friends Comet Goldfish is fast swimming goldfish and others are slow so don’t put them Together, Otherwise, they will fight for food

Friends these are some basic tips to increase the life-cycle of your goldfish, Hope you understand all these tips Now friends I can tell you some Facts about goldfish.

Facts of Goldfish

Fact No. 1 Friends Goldfish can recognize people’s faces, can recognize different types of tunes and colors.

Fact No.2 Friends Goldfish can see the faces of people, they can also see Ultraviolet rays and Infraray light.

Fact No.3 Friends Goldfish can live up to 40 years

Fact No.4 Friends goldfish can live up to 4 weeks without eating.

Fact No.5 Friends the biggest goldfish in the world has been found in size of Cat. 

Fact No.6 Friends Goldfish’s teeth are at the back of his throat, not in front.

Fact No.7 Friends Goldfish can eat any fish that comes in its mouth, including its children.

Fact No.8 Friends Goldfish does not have a stomach, So instead of feeding them one meal at a time, Give them a little food again and again.

Fact No.9 Friends goldfish check the taste of food from his Lips.

Fact No.10 Friends Goldfish can’t close its eyes because it doesn’t have wings.

Fact No.11 Friends goldfish can concentrate more than humans

Fact No.12 Friends there are more than 300 species of Goldfish in the world.

Fact No. 13 Friends Goldfish are very cool.

Fact No.14 Friends keeping Goldfish in the Bowl decrease their life-cycle.

Fact No.15 Friends Goldfish can remember anything for upto 3 months.

Fact No.16 Friends Goldfish is given as a gift to friends in Asian countries, it is considered very auspicious.

Fact No.17 Friends Goldfish have more power to smell than humans.

Friends these are some amazing facts about goldfish, hope you enjoy it. Now friends I can tell you about Goldfish History. 


History of Gold FIsh

Do you ever wonder why you can find the, goldfish in so many places or why, through the first choice of pet for so, many people how did this relationship, between the goldfish and people get, started in the first place well if these, questions have piqued your interest to, go diving into the past then stay tuned. 

For this blog of thoughts from the, when most people think, of the goldfish, they probably envisioned, a small orange fish swimming in circles, in a round bowl this was certainly the case for me growing in a media-rich, a world bent on preserving stereotypes the, true history is that goldfish is a, little more interesting than that.

So, let’s go back in time of four millennia, to the murky waters of southern China’s, river systems and waterways, we have arrived in China the year is 256, AD during the Jin dynasty brilliant, Chinese farmers have already discovered, a way to breed fish in aquaculture as a, source of food these small carp meant to, feed the masses are about to reveal.

Secret of their own small mutations in, their DNA caused vibrant colors to, appear the colors ranged from red orange, and yellow the farmers took notice, but it wouldn’t be until the Tang, Dynasty was started in 618 for the fish, to become recognized for its brilliant, colors and not just food the Tang. 

Dynasty saw the development of many, artistic and cosmopolitan advances some, of the first ornamental ponds were, created during the Tang Dynasty where these fish were placed and became a living, Burke’s of Art the most exceptional fish, were placed in small bowls as a decoration for social gatherings.

This was the earliest known use of the fish, bowl, unlike today where many see it fit, to believe their fish in a bolus a, permanent enclosure the Bulls used in, China was only temporary and the fish were returned to the ponds after the social gatherings concluded, by the time of the Song Dynasty in 960. 

The goldfish had already made huge, strides towards becoming solely and, ornamental fish in 1162 the Empress Wu, declared that those whom were not of, royal blood be forbidden from keeping, goldfish that were yellow in color this, was because yellow was the color that, represented the royal family.

However, even with the limitations placed by the imperial family other mutations within, breeder stocks began to produce even, more colors of goldfish which included, white and even black fish even the shapes of the goldfish began to change, around the 1600s what was once humble. 

Source of food was being shipped all, across the world to places as far as, Western Europe and Japan Japan produced, new varieties of their own such as the ryuk and goldfish fast-forwarding now, back to the present and we now have, around 120 varieties of goldfish the, world over including some varieties.

Developed right here in the United, States such as the common goldfish it’s, worth mentioning that in China the, goldfish is still considered a status of, wealth and good fortune this might be a result of the word for wealth and the word for fish being incredibly similar.

Hope friends you like today’s blog, Friends if you like today’s blog then please subscribe to our website. Thankyou

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