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We all know online marketing is on-trend. People shift their online businesses Online.

But there is a lot of competition present in the Online field. To beet competitions, people take the help of Digital Marketing.

With the help of digital marketing, people promote their products in front of millions of people in just a few days or hours.

To show their ads they pay money to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc. And these companies did not pay any single money to us for viewing their ads.

In Eehhaaa’s case, they share some profit with us for viewing ads on their website or app. 

Eehhaaa and Jaa Lifestyle allow you to see ads on their website and they give some commission of ads to you.

This feature allows users to earn money online from home without building an online business, website, or app.

This type of ad is not allowed by Google, If you take google ads to do this thing. But EEhhaaa takes direct ads from publishers, not from google,

And their publisher has no problem with showing many ads to the same users or doing self-click.  


Eehhaaa is an online earning platform for people who want to earn money from home, or for students who want to earn some pocket money with study.

You only want to see ads on Eehhaaa and all done you can earn money. Eehhaaa becomes a bigger ad network now a day’s, Majority of people give ads to Eehhaaa to show people.

Eehhaaa takes some part of that amount and gives so part money to you as a reward for viewing ads on Eehhaaa. 

So this is the very cool thing about Eehhaaa, you don’t want to invest money you just want to see some daily while playing, working, or watching tv, you can earn money.

It does not matter what you are doing during working on Eehhaaa.


There are lots of benefits of Eehhaaa and their many reasons to use Eehhaaa to earn money online.

Online money is a very difficult process, not anybody gets success in this field. That’s why Eehhaaa play’s an important role to earn money online without any risk, hard work, or even any investment.

You only want to see ads on Eehhaaa and all done, money will be added to your Eehhaa wallet. Friends, not every app gives you money, 

There is lots of fake present in the market and they also claim they will give you real money, but in reality, very few of them will give you a payout.

And Eehhaaa is one of them, You can trust Eehhaaa and start working on Eehhaa today. I can tell you in this article you will earn more money from Eehhaaa with a few simple steps. 

The main benefit of EEhhaaa is that Eehhaaa is a B2C Advertising platform. B2C means Business to Customer. Eehhaaa gives you direct ads from Companies, 

Eehhaaa does not take any third-party ads like Google Adsense, Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Start App, etc.

These third-party companies do not give you sufficient ads and enough money compares to Eehhaaa, That’s why Eehhaaa has different from other earning Apps. 

Other earning apps take ads from Google Adsense, Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network, etc and these companies sometimes stop ads and block user accounts.

After account, your money was not able to withdraw. So these are the main benefits and reasons for using Eehhaaa.


Register or logging in on Eehhaaa is a very simple process, anybody can do it easily. To register or login to Eehhaaa click on the link below this link will redirect you to the Eehhaaa official Register / Login Page.

Register Now

app.eehhaaa.com login, This is the login URL of Eehhaaa, after you go to the website, click on the Register button which was available on the top right side of the header. There are ways to signup at www.eehhaaa.com login/signup.

First is you want to add your email address and click on the Register button, after you click on the register button one verification was received in your mailbox click on that email click on very email link,

Don’t worry this email is just for verification purposes not for anything else.

After you click on very email link new page was open and you redirect to www.eehhaaa.com / sign-up, On this page, you want to select your signup purpose, 

Either you want to submit your ads in Eehhaaa / Jaa Lifestyle or you want to view ads or earn money.
Click on the button which more suitable for you, 

Then you want to select a category of ads, make sure to select more and more categories for more ads.

After this process, you can redirect to the Set Up Your Account Page. On this page, you want to add your personal details, such as First Name, Surname, 

Email Address, Password (Don’t add your email Id password try to add a random password) After you add a random password confirm your password and click on register account.

Congratulations your account was successfully created. After you signup goes to the www.eehhaaa.com login page and adds your email and password to logging. 

So this is the first way to signup in Eehhaaa. Now I tell you the second way to signup into Eehhaaa / Jaa Lifestyle, 2nd Way is very simple you want to click on continue with Facebook,
After you click on continue with Facebook next page opens, copy the same process as I mentioned above after clicking on continue with Facebook.

3rd Way to Signup is Signup with Google, Signup with google is very safe than other ones, So I recommended you to signup with google. 

The last way to signup is Signup with Jaa Lifestyle (Jaa Lifestyle Eehhaaa Registration) you want to create your Jaa Lifestyle Login Id and Password and after that simply log in with Jaa Lifestyle Id and Password.

To create Jaa Lifestyle Id Password you want to go to the Jaa Lifestyle website for further process.  jaalifestyle.com, So this is the website of Jaa Lifestyle, Click on the link to go to the website home page.

Register Now on Jaa Lifestyle

After you go to the website simply click on the register button new page opens, 

After you go to the signup page you want to enter some basic details about signup such as Your Full Name, Sponsor’s Username, Email Address, 

Confirm Your Email Address then select your country add your phone number, then add your birthday after adding all this create one password,

And accept the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy, Click on the Register button to complete your registration.

After completing your Jaa Lifestyle Eehhaaa Registration adds your Jaa Lifestyle Login Id and Password to Complete your Registration process on eehhaaa. com.


User Required Some basic things to earn money from Eehhaaa, Such 1 Laptop / Mobile, Active Internet Connection, Eehhaaa or Jaa Lifestyle Login Id and Password,
Email address, Mobile Number, and 1 Payment method to get your earnings. So there are some basic things you’re required to earn money from Eehhaaa.


As you Eehhaaa is a B2C Ad Network. There are 2 ways to earn money from Eehhaaa. com,

You can earn money as a Viewer or You can Money by Publish your advertisement on Eehhaaa. com.
How to Earn money As a Viewer?

To earn money as a Viewer you just want to see ads, displayed by Eehhaaa. com.

Eehhaaa Count your ads views and clicks, Then they calculate their ads rates and according to their rate, you can earn money.

There is no age, country, language, etc, restriction on Eehhaaa, Now. So it does not matter where you come from you can earn money.


As with any other app, you can earn money by referring your friend. Eehheee gives you your unique referral code which you can share with your friend and family members to earn money.

You can Easily earn 1$ by referring to a single friend and family member which is more than 20 Ads view earning. That’s why Eehhaaa Refer and Earn system is help you to earn more money.

Invite more and more people to earn money, after you joined money people Eehhaaa give more wattage to you. And this is a very important part of any business in the world, Building a Good Relation Ship with your Business Partners to grow your business,

And take your earnings to the next level. Refer and System helps you to earn money without investing any money, You only want to invest your little time on it on daily basis.


Customer care is very important for any business, Lots of businesses failed due to poor customer service.

But Eehhaaa provides you with average Customer Service. You can not able to directly contact Eehhaaa, You want to contact Eehhaaa through Facebook.

And this type of service is not very effective because it takes lots of time to solve your query. A phone call is a very effective way to solve any queries instantly.

But I read some reviews about Eehhaaa Support Team, and the Customer review was not very bad, It’s average. That’s why I say Eehhaaa provides you with average service.

But there is not any big problem you facing when you use Eehhaaa, So Average Customer Support was not important for you.

The trick is to earn money for a long time is don’t do spamming, Eehhaaa checks the account at individual levels, and if they found any spamming in your account then they delete your account permanently.

How to earn money in a legal way? To earn money for the long term and in a Legal way, Don’t click on any ads in which you are not interested, Only click on those ads in which you are interested to buy a service or any kind of product.

It does not require buying anything to earn money from Eehhaaa. com. Click on relevant ads, In which you are interested to buy anything. To see so many ads on the first day It looks like you are a spammer.

See very few ads on 1st day and increase your ad viewing day by day to look like a genuine user. If you see lots of ads in a very short period it looks like your main motive is to earn money and are a spammer.

So make to do not to spam. Eehhaaa is a long-term earning platform don’t try to earn all money in one day. 


This very simple way to earn money from Eehhaaa. com. Publish your ads and earn money, But How?

To earn money as a Publisher in Eehhaaa. com you first want an eCommerce website for any product or service selling.

Then you want to create your Product or Service and give those ads to Eehhaaa, and Eehhaaa serves those ads to Viewers who are interested in your product or service.

But select a relevant category to get more effective results from Eehhaaa. You just want to create a website, Create ads and publish those ads in Eehhaaa and all over.

Eehhaaa shows your ads to Interested buyers at a very less cost, which allows you to make money from Digital Marketing.

So friends you can earn money from Eehhaaa in these 2 ways.


Eehhaaa has a power full algorithm, which counts every single view and click. Their Algorithm counts every small engagement.
Which helps to give the payout to their customer without any problem. 

Their algorithm also tracks whether see a full ad or not, If you do not see the full ad then they did not pay you any single amount for that ad you viewed incompletely.


According to me, Eehhaaa pays you 0.1$ for very successful ads view. This is a very good amount. If we convert 10 Cents in Inr we get around 7.76/-Rs Per View.

This is very awesome if you are a student and you want some money then Eehhaaa is Ideal for you to earn money actively. 

Eehhaaa gives you 20 Ads per day, ads shown according to your category, which you select during account creation.

This means you can easily earn 2$ Per Day, But the condition is to want to see all 20 ads in 24hrs, If you do not see those ads in 24hrs, you are not able to see those ads the next day.

If you see all 20 Ads in 24hrs you can earn 2$ and If we convert 2$ in Indian Currency we get approx 150/-Rs Per Day, 4500/-Rs Per Month. 

This amount was enough for Students and for those who want to earn some money online just as part-time.

Review of Eehhaaa / Jaa Lifestyle

Friends I am not an affiliate partner of Eehhaaa and I am Not giving you any Refer Code or Refer Link. That’s why I give you my Own opinion about Eehhaaa, So let’s start Reviewing without wasting more time.

I already use multiple earning apps but they don’t give money and some pay very low money. Eehhaaa also gives you very less ads and you can only earn 150/-Rs per day.

But I read some customers’ ratings and review and I found Eehhaaa give you payout without any fraud. But there are a lot of other factors also available that you want to know before starting with Eeffaaa.

Customer service: Eehhaaa does not provide any direct contact number but they provide you with Facebook Support, which is more effective than Email Support, So, In My Opinion, the Custom Support of Eehhaaa is average.

They need to work on their customer support service and provide any direct number to help their customers instantly. They also want to decrease their average response time, to give a better experience to their customers.

The next thing is ad quality: Friends’ ad quality also matters when it comes to earning applications. Many applications provide you adult or Gamblim ads which provide you negative experience when you use their app.

Eehhaaa also provides Gambilng ads but they don’t show this ad in every category. The good thing about Eehhaaa is they divide all viewers into different categories according to their interests.

And This Category feature provides a good experience to customers.

Payout: Payout is a very important thing when it comes to earning applications. Eehhaaa gives the payout to every customer without any fraud,
This thing makes Eehhaaa different from any other earning application. People can easily trust Eennaaa. com, That they can pay money without any fraud.

Cheapest Ad Network: Eehhaaa is a very affordable Ad Network. In Eehhaaa you found Millions of People and this is a very good place to advertise your product in front of millions of people.

Eehhaaa provides you cheapest ad service compared to any other ad service, such as Google Adword, Facebook, etc. Make people take advantage of Eehhaaa Publisher Account.

Eehhaaa only shows 20 Ads per customer and all ads are different, This is a very cool thing for you if you are a Publisher, which Means your ads only show to unique visitors, not show all ads to the same customer.

This feature helps you to create your brand awareness in millions of people at a very affordable price. In my opinion, Eehhaaa is best for Publishers to Compare to Viewers.


Jaa Lifestyle Eehhaaa App is available easily on the Play Store and APK Pure.

Below is the link to both stores you can download it from any store. After you download and Install Jaa lLfestyle Eehhaaa App,

Click here to Download Eehhaaa from Playstore

Click here to Download Eehhaaa from APK Pure

If you want to Register or Sign in, the Registration process is the same, follow the registration process as I mentioned above www.eehhaa.com login.

You just want to add your Jaa Lifestyle Login Id and Password or you can simply register using Google or Facebook Service, You can also direct register using your email address.



Ans: Yes friends Eehhaaa is a 100% Real Money earning application, with the help of this application you can earn real money,
Without doing any hard work, You only want to see ads and all done. So Yes Eehhaaa is Real Online Money Earning App.


Ans: To view the Eehhaaa balance you just want to login into your account, on the left side one box is available, you can able to see your balance in that box.


Ans: Friends’ full form of PV is Personal Verification, To do Personal Verification you want to choose a paid plan in Eehhaaa.


Ans: Yes, In order to verify your personal details you want to Pay 10 euros to Eehhaaa. This 10 euros is equal to 1601 in Indian currency.


Jaa Lifestyle / Eehhaaa. com is paid app but this is a very effective and safe app to earn money online This is an Ideal tool for Students. So in My opinion, 10 euros is worth Eehhaaa Personal Verification.

You can also invest that money on any other trading app, but compared to trading apps Eehhaas is risk-free.

So Friends I hope you love this article in this article we cover Eehhaaa. com. So please comment below on how this article helps you in your money-earning journey.

Also, share this article with your friends and family members to help them also.

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